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Traditional Shipbuilding Skills
The art of "Master of axe" or "Master carpenter" has become rare in Europe. Shipyard Lowyck still holds a number of masters of axe that were raised and formed by the old generation of Flemish ship carpenters.
Our master carpenters hold all the knowledge to :
  • Build or restore wooden ships from A to Z
  • Build interiors in luxury yachts or in professional vessels
  • Do all the woodworks on ships

They manage one or more teams of carpenters, and they coach our younger generation of people on a personal basis. The top carpenters are selected and guided in growing towards the craftsmanship of master of axe.

Construction and restoration of traditional ships often requires both traditional and modern techniques to be mastered by these specialists. These include :
  • Lofting : Setting out a line plan on scale 1:1