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" Dreaming of classic elegance and beauty ... "
The late 19th and the 20th century were a fruitful period for beautiful yacht creation. Especially the first half of the 20th century brought elegance and performance with yachts that still stretch our imagination.

Remember the start of the fast 6mR and 8mR class yachts, the impressive 12mR and 15mR class race horses, the overwhelming elegance of the J-class giants, the powered beauties of Riva and Chris Craft, the racers/ cruisers and one-offs by the hand of Rod and Olin Stephens, Nat and Francis Herreshof, William Fife, Laurent Giles, Philip Rhodes, Vincenzo Vittorio Baglietto, John Alden, Max Oertz, Charles Nicholson, Starling Burgess, Alfred Mylne, Henry Rasmussen, Johan Anker, Knud Reimers, etc ...

Unfortunately, time also shows its impact on these masterpieces, and often confronts with restoration needs.

Traditional Shipbuilding Skills