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" Restoring in original state requires experienced skills.
Reviving original beauty demands a passion ..."
The conservation and protection of maritime heritage happens because of various reasons. Preserving visibility of historical technology and functionality, staying in touch with social and cultural history, or nostalgy for classic beauty and elegance are some of these reasons.
Restoration projects often set it as a goal to approach the exact original state as good as possible.
Based on 3 generations of craftsmanship and experience, Shipyard Lowyck offers both a sound knowledge and a broad skill set to help you realising these projects. When the original plans and documentation are incomplete or missing, our experience can bring extra added value to your project.
We unify modern project management techniques with traditional skills and experience to deliver outstanding results within reasonable budgets.

We gladly welcome you with your classic yachts, traditional vessels and historical ships at our premises.
Traditional Shipbuilding Skills