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" The elegance of a classic beauty is the start of an exclusive dream.
Make the untouchable touchable ... "
The restoration of a classic yacht is a delicate art. However, only a few people are at the right time at the right place to come across the original yacht of their dreams.

Based on original or redesigned plans, Shipyard Lowyck offers the possibility to construct a completely new replication of the classic yacht of your dreams. Together with todays specialised architecs, and based on 3 generations of craftsmanship and experience in traditional shipbuilding, we can bring the great master-designers back to life right in front of you.

Read these names and start your dream at this very moment :

Rod and Olin Stephens, Nat and Francis Herreshof, Starling Burgess, William Fife, Laurent Giles, Philip Rhodes, Vincenzo Vittorio Baglietto, John Alden, Max Oertz, Charles Nicholson, Alfred Mylne, Henry Rasmussen, Johan Anker, Knud Reimers, Carlo Riva, Chris Smith Craft, ...
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