Professional Vessels
Loft Boats
" My house moves on the water ... "
Living on the water has become an important area in the maritime lifestyle. This specific way of life brought a variety of trends, of which "Loftboats" most probably is the most popular. Using a barge - or other inland waterway vessel - as a basis for one's residence has become very popular especially on the European rivers.

At Shipyard Lowyck, this trend is part of a wider concept : the conversion of a professional vessel into a leisure craft.

A professional fishery vessel offers other possibilities than a barge or a tugboat. The choice of geographical home-port destination, the intended sailing areas and the living space requirements determine for a large part the choice of potential hulls for conversion.
Based on its 3 generations of experience in professional vessels, Shipyard Lowyck helps you to realise your complete conversion project. As all professional vessels are engineered for certain purposes, an in depth knowledge of all the vessel's elements are required to provide you with a safe living environment for all your intended goals you want to achieve with it.