Grand Banks
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Superior solutions for all maintenance needs
Due to its long tradition and high quality standard in postponed manufacturing and servicing of Grand BanksŪ yachts, Shipyard Lowyck was awarded as the first "Grand BanksŪ Authorised Service Centre" in Europe.

Most of the new Grand BanksŪ that arrive from Singapore in Europe first pass at our yard to perform the complete commissioning and fully check the complete functioning of even the smallest details. As a "Grand BanksŪ Authorised Service Centre" we service every piece of equipment in your Grand BanksŪ yacht. All the current Grand BanksŪ models and brands (Grand Banks - Eastbay - Aleutian Class), as well as the older and commercially retired models are received at our premises. Next to the most common services we can provide you with tailor made solutions according to your specific wishes.
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