Authorised Service Center
In 2001, Guy was coming close to retirement and he had no immediate successors. He decided to sell his beautiful company in order for it to grow further during the following generations. Guy has worked together with engineer Hans Keters, the current manager of Shipyard Lowyck, side by side for 2 years like a real father in order to transfer his precious know how onto the next generation.

Starting his distribution activities in 1978, founder Jean Colin became the pioneer of Grand BanksŪ business in Europe with North Sea Marine. Halfway through the eighties, his son in law Luc Colpin joins the company and quickly show his affection for the yachting business.

In 1991, North Sea Marine reaches the status of best dealer worldwide for Grand Banks. Luc Colpin takes over the ownership and management of the company. Its yacht service activities on the shipyard grew towards a high quality reputation for maintenance, reparation and construction services along the French, Belgian and Dutch coast.

In 2002, Luc Colpin becomes director for Grand BanksŪ at European level. In order to keep on focussing on the quality of the Grand Banks activities, he decides to search a successor for his shipyard activities.