A good and regular maintenance elongates the lifespan of your sail or motor yacht considerably. Shipyard Lowyck has its own expertise in the following areas:

  • Motors and generators
  • Electricity and electronics
  • Piping and fitting
  • Heating, airconditioning and ventilation
  • Bow- and jet-thrusters
  • Polyester/gelcoat repairs and osmosis treatment
  • Lacquer and varnish
  • Complete buying or selling expertise or building supervision of your yacht

Other expertise is available with colleagues in our immediate vicinity. Because of its long tradition and high quality standards in Grand Banks® yachts, Shipyard Lowyck was rewarded with the label "Grand Banks® Authorised Service Centre" as the first shipyard in Europe. A "Grand Banks® Authorised Service Centre" takes care of:

  • Delivery of parts for old and new GB yachts
  • All maintenance and repairs
  • Execution of work by artisans who followed various training courses at Grand Banks®
  • The GB guarantee as it would have been done by a GB shipyard itself

Classic Ships

Based on three generations of experience and expertise, Shipyard Lowyck offers the following services in traditional ship-building:

  • Complete restoration and repair of classic yachts.
  • Building replicas of historical vessels.
  • Maintenance of classic yachts, an absolute necessity for good safekeeping.
  • Project management and consultancy in classic ship-building projects.

Shipyard Lowyck offers traditional craftmanship as well as modern know-how.



From our years of experience in ship carpentry on professional vessels (fishery, inland vessels, pilot boats, tugboats, work boats, dredgers, marine vessels ...) our ship carpenters know very well that quality, firmness and durability are decisive factors with design of a professional ship.
We are specialised in laying wooden ship decks, polyester of fish holds, all kinds of interior design (bridge, cookhouse, accomodations...), specific storage areas and structures necessary to live and work on board.



The yard employs 8 experienced workers, has a total surface area of 4800 m², is located in the Visserijdok and features a couple of mooring pontoons. At the yard we possess a 35 ton WISE travel lift, tractors, boat carts and chairs to guarantee a smooth manipulation of your ship. The proces of cleaning the hull (antifouling) happens in a environmentally friendly manner above a reservoir with seperated wastewater. We have various warehouses for winter storage with a total area of 3200m² and a storage outside of 1600m². Heavier ships (1250 ton) can make use of the boat lift of our neighbours Idp.


About us

The former shipyard Lowyck & Zn was founded in 1962 by ship carpenter Alphonese Lowyck and was famous along the Belgian coast for his high quality ???afmaken/intimmeren??? of sea and fishery vessels. In 1965, Guy Laurent decided to join his father-in-law at the company. In 1978 Jean colin, the founder, began his distribution activities. North Sea Marine became pioneer in Grand Banks® activities in Europe. In 2001 Hans Keters takes over shipyard Lowyck & Zn and in 2003 the acquisition of North Sea Marine takes place. Both yards are merged into the current Shipyard Lowyck. Today Hans Keters and Mieke Sabbe are still steering the company. The company counts 8 employees and has a surface area of 4800m². You can follow our facebookpage, instagram or twitteraccount to be updated about our latest projects.